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Upgrades Update


Opus has recently concluded a specialised upgrade project in the North Sea for Talisman Energy (UK) Limited.

The leading technology and solution provider, which has a base in Guildford and on Flotta, Orkney, has completed the upgrade of two 1st stage separators onboard the Fulmar platform for the oil and gas operator.

The contract – which follows another recent similar upgrade project for Talisman – saw Opus complete the process design, supply and installation of new internals for the Train A and B 1st stage separators on Fulmar.

Opus was initially asked to review the potential upgrade requirements for the Train B Separator, to increase throughput and quality of the produced water while considering several process flow cases and looking into different options to meet performance requirements. The scope was expanded to include the review and upgrade of the Train A separator.

Nigel Weir Opus’ Managing Director commented: “Opus has had one of its most successful years with upgrades of separation facilities satisfying a huge demand for study and implementation work throughout 2010. This pattern looks set to continue in 2011 as more operators see the cost effective benefits of performance improvements.

“The completion of this project builds on Opus’ global reputation for delivering on time and within budget and is one of a number of projects Opus has been awarded for Talisman Energy and other operators.”

Upgrades Update