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OPUS will be attending a produced water management conference organised by Tekna, (the union for technologists, scientists and natural scientists), in Stavanger on 22-23 January.

The event is an important forum for discussing challenges and solutions related to management of produced water in the oil and gas industry.

As more oil fields evolve and mature the volume of produced water is increasing and its management has become a major environmental and economic issue around the world.

The conference will look at the challenges facing the industry now and in the future including regulations and guidelines, emerging technologies and new developments and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques used to increase the amount of trapped crude oil that can be extracted from oil fields – many of which are nearing the end of their lives – and therefore prolong their economic viability.

Operators are increasingly using EOR as it can in many cases improve the amount of oil in place that can be recovered by 10-20 per cent. Many of the techniques can present environmental challenges and, therefore, minimising any impacts will further improve production benefits.

Opus will also be attending the Australasian Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference, known as AOG, on 20-22 February.

The event at the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre has developed into Australia's largest oil and gas exhibition, attracting over 450 exhibitors from 16 countries and 11,000 visitors. As well as the exhibition, AOG features an oil and gas conference, oil and gas careers day and a variety of networking opportunities.

The Subsea Australasia Conference will again be run in conjunction with AOG.