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Following the acquisition by Aker Solutions of Opus; former managing director and  founder, Nigel Weir, will be leaving the company on the 31 May 2014, under the terms of his service agreement with Aker Solutions as Vice President, PRS EMEA . We would also like to use this opportunity to thank Nigel and wish him all the best in his new projects going forward. We are grateful to have the opportunity to continue developing this unique  business further in Aker Solutions. 

We are very pleased to announce that Glen McLellan, Director - Strategic Operations with Opus will take over leadership of the Opus business from Nigel and is appointed General Manager, Opus Maxim Ltd from the 1 May, with full operational and financial responsibility for the success and continuing development of the business.  Glen is excited and relishing this opportunity.

Glen, joined Opus in 2000 as a Project Engineer. He has had a direct and influential role in the development of Opus, giving a huge personal commitment to the business. He has identified and developed new business sector opportunities and has interacted closely and nurtured client relationship in key Opus strategic markets to bring in orders, whilst at the same time maintained operational responsibility for the team in Orkney. He is a respected member of the Opus Team and over recent months has shown an equal commitment to the Process Systems team, to ensure that this will be an acquisition that everyone will be proud of.