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Computational Fluids Dynamics

Computational Fluids Dynamics

We do not apply CFD in isolation. Knowledge gained from our history of process upgrades and our extensive experience of physical modelling all feeds into our CFD consultancy.

Computational Fluid Dynamics feeds into the improvement recommendations that form the basis of our consultancy work. We provide oil companies with a detailed understanding of how fluid dynamics has an impact on their process efficiency and how it can contribute to substantial improvements in productivity.

The behaviour of fluids in a process system directly impacts on how effective that process is. This is particularly relevant when undertaking the separation of oil, gas, water and solids.

CFD allows us to demonstrate complex fluids behaviour and is applied extensively in our consultancy activities.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

We remain at the forefront of applied CFD, using expert engineering knowledge to make best use of this powerful visualisation process. Our experience means we can validate the results intelligently against real-world understanding, providing confidence in the solutions we deliver. These firm foundations bring added value and assurance for our clients.


  • Verification by experienced engineers
  • Unique capability with process understanding
  • Validation of technology prior to investment
  • Understanding your process at real conditions
  •  Cost-effective results for implementation