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Best Available Techniques / Best Environmental Practice

Oul companies have set ambitious targets for the prevention and elimination of environmental emissions. At the same time our clients seek to maximise the oil and gas production from their assets.

To answer these needs we developed an approach to separation and produced water management  that offers a detailed understanding of the production process and allows us to provide options for improvement that suit the particular demands of the production facility.

Our three-stage methodology ensures our clients gain the full benefit of applying BAT/BEP principles to produced water management. We deliver a range of solutions based on product quality, high environmental standards and prudent investment options, specific to the asset and justified against our thorough process analysis. Our unique tools and expertise enable us to deliver the complete BAT/BEP solution.

We provide a comprehensive resource that considers the intimate relationship between primary separation, produced water and environmental compliance.


  • Improved production
  • Optimum environmental performance
  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX
  • Capitalise on existing investment
  • Achieve asset-specific solutions
  • Meet environmental targets
  • Reduce downtime