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Fluids Characterisation

Fluids Characterisation

We provide a comprehensive range of services for fluids characterisation. With careful planning and project management our experienced personnel obtain high quality diagnostic information by measuring the efficiency of equipment throughout the process train, to identify areas for improvement.

Our clients want to better understand the range of factors that effect the efficiency of their production facilities. Our consultancy services identify areas where enhanced product quality and environmental performance can be gained from existing equipment, reducing the need for unnecessary investment in new technologies. Our clients come to us for the quality of results we obtain and the confidence our reporting provides.

Oil Drops

Our trained personnel are fully equipped to interpret data produced offshore on specialist equipment we provide. Our personnel understand results as they are generated, fine-tuning the process to identify and resolve any conflicts and maintain the integrity of the data we collect.

We provide fluids characterisation to clients worldwide for a range of troubleshooting and optimisation purposes. Our extensive laboratories enable us to undertake hydrocarbon and water analysis covering a wide range of parameters. Our fluids characterisation capabilities enable us to provide:

  • Chemical dosing optimisation
  • Hydrocyclone optimisation
  • Process optimisation
  • Oil quality analysis
  • Produced water analysis
  • Technology evaluation