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Physical Modelling

Physical Modelling

The unique feature of physical modelling is the immediacy of results and the accurate visual representation of fluids behaviour. Our ability to show the effects of high turbulence and the mixing of fluids and solids has never failed to impress out clients.

Physical Modelling is a technique for visualising fluids behaviour inside a vessel. We have a long history of using Physical Modelling to understand complex fluids behaviour including turbulence, gas carry-under and recirculation. Slugging, surging and sloshing conditions are also modelled and results for all can be further validated with our CFD service.

Performed in our test-hall facilities, Physical Modelling has been applied to a wide range of vessel designs. Process internals can be modified quickly, allowing our clients to witness with ease, improvements in separation performance.


  • Immediacy of results
  • Witness real fluids behaviour
  • Validate technology prior to investment
  • Study the effects of transient conditions
  • Cost effective
  • A training tool for operators

Physical Modelling