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Sloshing Analysis and Design

Sloshing Analysis and Design

The effects of sloshing places additional demands on separator design, requiring expertise beyond that of standard technology suppliers. Our sloshing analyses are based on years of experience in offshore environments. Alongside the combined benefits of our modelling techniques, we design for results that perform well in difficult circumstances.

Many production facilities are subject to bad weather conditions, which has a substantial effect on separation performance and can ulitimately lead to unplanned shut-downs. Mechanical integrity may also become a concern in extreme circumstances.

Sloshing Analysis

The effects of motion on processing equipment can substantially effect separation efficiency, where poor performance in one area can have a knock-on effect throughout the process train. Effective sloshing analysis must account for the impact of motion on separation and provide assurace for the mechanical integrity of equipment under high liquids force.

Knowing what technique is best applied for sloshing analysis is an important part of what we do. The immediacy of Physical Modelling may save time and money where understanding complex motion scenarios is unnecessary for achieving results. Where motion is more complicated, Computational Fluid Dynamics enables us to design internals arrangements that can cope with otherwise unpredictable fluids behaviour and the significant forces encountered within the vessel. Ideally, both Physical Modelling and CFD will be used to provide cross-verification and assurance.