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Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

We maintain stocks of freshwater species to ensure testing can be carried out quickly and efficiently and under the same stringent quality standards applicable to our marine testing. Our firm grasp of regulations extending to and beyond the REACH directive, brings added value for clients seeking freshwater ecotoxicology.


We offer a range of ecotoxicity studies for freshwater species under the internationally recognised OECD standards which are approved by the majority of regulatory bodies worldwide. All our studies are carried out according to the standards of Good Laboratory Practice.


Freshwater bioaccumulation requires the same OECD 117 screening study required for marine ecotoxicology. Our experience in this area means that we can offer comprehensive support in all areas of testing and regulation requirements.


There are numerous freshwater biodegradation studies and choosing the most suitable can be complicated. Our knowledgeable staff offer guidance on each test type to ensure an appropriate study is used. 


We offer a broad range of chemical analysis in support of the ecotoxicology services we provide. From our chemistry support laboratory, experienced chemists use recognised methods and instrumentation to provide measured analysis.

Theoretical Calculations & QSAR

Theoretical studies can be a robust and efficient way of managing chemicals through the regulatory process, offering reduced time where a full testing regime may not be necessary.

We provide theoretical calculations to estimate biodegradability, bioaccumulation and ecotoxicity, meaning that tests may not be necessary - an approach that regulators are increasingly supportive of as a means for submission. We also offer a variety of theoretical calculations using the principals of Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) applicable to regulatory guidelines.