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Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services


We supply the full range of aquatic toxicity studies for the completion of your HOCNF submission according to the requirements of the Harmonised Mandatory Control System (HMCS). Our studies are also performed in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and to OSPAR/OECD, ISO and ASTM (USA) guidelines.


Chemicals are commonly screened for their bioaccumulation potential using OECD Test Guideline 117 (2004). This test measures the potential for a chemical to break through an organism's skin membrane and accumulate in the body.

Should further analysis be required after the initial screening, then we guide our clients through the range of options ensuring a smooth registration process. Our expert staff are also happy to advise on the best testing strategy for any particular substance.


Biodegradation testing determines the extent to which a chemical will naturally break down in the environment. With this service our clients require a degree of flexibility with the capacity to run a large number of studies simultaneously. Our laboratories not only meet these demands but also offer the highest standards of quality control and consistency available.

Using natural seawater alongside our dedicated temperature control facilities ensures that we have an abundant supply of raw materials for testing. Studies can be extended beyond the standard 28 days, if required.

We understand the requirements for registration and offer flexible testing services and expert advice for navigating the registration process.