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UK Implementation of the Risk Based Approach (RBA)

UK Implementation of the Risk Based Approach (RBA)

Opus / NOV will cost-effectively fulfil your total UK RBA obligations, through our comprehensive in-house expertise and our unique experience in helping DECC develop the new approach.

We ensure every stage of the process is fulfilled, and then supply a single report.

Our world-leading team of marine ecotoxicologists & process engineers undertake and manage the:

  • Toxicity testing (see stages in diagram below)
  • Environmental Modelling
  • BAT/BEP assessment

We deliver innovative MARA and LumiMARA testing, generating ecotoxicity profiles across a range of microbial species. In addition using algal and invertebrate Whole Effluent Toxicity data and Predicted Environmental Concentration and Predicted No Effect Concentration  determinations we can help to prepare an optimum Produced Water Management Plan.

Uniquely, we were the leading laboratory for DECC’s RBA trial in 2010, we work closely with DECC on both RBA and BAT/BEP assessments, and also on development of MARA and LumiMARA testing methods.

We are experts in Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF) registration and have good knowledge of the DREAM programme to globally harmonise environmental science knowledge.

Risk Based Approach Diagram

Benefits of Opus RBA Services

Key benefits of us carrying out all phases of the RBA assessment process in-house:

  • Continuity of project management ensuring efficient & timely delivery of results
  • Representivity of samples and results is ensured through provision of sampling guidance and single point management of sample transportation logistics
  • We have a direct interface with the DECC policy manager, liaison with whom will ensure that the final reports conform to their expectations prior to submission
  • We have extensive process knowledge which will be fed into every stage of the assessments