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Compact Flotation Unit

Compact Flotation Unit (CFU)

The Opus Compact Flotation Until (CFU) is a multiphase separator that is cost effective and easy to install and maintain.

It achieves high oil removal resulting in a reduction of water content down to below 10ppm and with its high throughput relative to volume it has proved to be very effective on fixed and floating installations where space is at a premium. It also offers numerous benefits for effective produced water treatment.


  • Stable operation with low operator intervention
  • Performance maintained at turndown conditions
  • High flow capacity and cost effective
  • Insensitive to motion, with proven performance on floating production systems
  • Handles high solids loading
  • Robust performance in slugging flow and variable inlet oil content
  • Designed for retrofit onto existing platforms
  • Inter-stage coalescence with the Mare's Tail®

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